Investment Process

Treating Capital with an Ownership Mindset

At Kotak Private Equity, we follow an investment process that has been developed through years of investment experience. The investment process captures the sensitivities and challenges of growing businesses in an Indian business environment as well our past experiences in dealing with Indian entrepreneurs.

We typically follow a four step Investment process that helps us treat capital with an ownership mindset.

  • Deal Sourcing and Evaluation
    We leverage our in-house research to source and evaluate opportunities. In doing this, we use multiple channels of our network of relationships, the Kotak Mahindra Group's business relationships and industry networks
  • Due Diligence and Investment Commitment
    We have a disciplined and rigorous due diligence process by which we evaluate deals that fit into our investment criteria. Ideally, we invest in 2-4 deals in a year, with each deal requiring between 120-180 days to be completed
  • Investment Structure and Co-investing Opportunities
    Once the investment selection is complete, our team prepares the investment structure and identifies co-investment opportunities, if any, This exercise is done in close collaboration with the company's management team to align interests
  • Monitoring and Value Addition
    Post transaction, designated members from our team work closely with the company's management to create shareholder value. As per agreed timelines and performance goalposts, we work towards a timely and profitable exit.

Since its inception, Kotak Private Equity has been the preferred investment partner with local management teams on account of its transparent and rigorous investment process and significant value creation.